Episode 1 – Introductions!

Hi. I’m Lindz. Welcome to oddlyadulting.com and the podcast! This is not only the first post but also the first podcast – EVER. I’m learning as I go, so bear with me, but what I intend to offer with this podcast is about a half hour of uncomplicated, unsophisticated, and unedited stream-of-consciousness style entertainment covering a WIDE range of topics. I decided to, rather than pigeonholing myself into one topic of conversation, take the wider approach that I’ve got some odd ideas and an odd lifestyle, so why not discuss it all? I’ll do some opinions, some stories, some “day in the life” stuff, maybe even offer unsolicited advice (actually, that’s not a maybe, that’s guaranteed). I’ll search for words and probably get off topic a time or three. I’ll get interrupted by children or the neighborhood train. I’ll bring some friends (odd or otherwise) along for the ride too because that’s just more fun for you. I already have a notebook going with 20-something potential topics of conversation so… I think there’s a lot of potential here. Drop a comment about what you might want to hear about! Or shoot me an email at lindz@oddlyadulting.com. And if, after you listen to the show, you thought it was worth your time? Tell a friend. If you hated it? Tell a frenemy. Ha, kidding!

Thanks for being here. Let’s do this!

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