Episode 36 – Epic Road Trip, 2020 Style, Part 1

Spoiler alert: the coverage of this year’s epic road trip will come to you in two parts, and I will tease the second part to you for an entire hour. Mua ha ha. Shout out to Producer Amy for the list of discussion questions which drove the discussion.

Episode 34 – Covidschooling

Allow me to indulge in some unsolicited advice about how you (or someone you know with school age children) can make the most of this wild, weird school year that is upon us. Spoiler alert: you can do it!

Click here to read the correct facts about Charlotte Mason (which I butchered to an embarrassing degree).

Episode 27: Putting Dinner on the Table

I love meal planning so much I literally wrote the book on it. Also revealing my newest favorite recipe and the winners of the first Oddly Adulting giveaway.

Sheet pan chicken fajitas:

My book:
Putting Dinner on the Table